Updating 3 40 oe a

Posted by / 06-Jun-2018 19:49

Updating 3 40 oe a

Then after a few minutes (you might just see a black screen again) the upgrade will be completed, and you will have to press the X key again to shutdown your PSP.

So I highly suggest that you visit their page, and make a donation so the M33 team can continue hacking the PSP.It took me some time to figure out how to install this update on my PSP, because of a small misunderstanding.When you download the Update #4 (M33-4) file from any of the PSP sites, it is not the installer.This is perfectly OK, because the M33 Creator is doing it’s work in the background. Look into the applications menu again, and you should see another application called the “M33 Upgrade 3.52”.After you have run it, you will be shown a disclaimer and asked to press the X key to confirm.

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This file will only patch an existing M33 3.52 firmware PSP with the new version.