Dating bardou telescopes dating ideas for couples fun dates

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Dating bardou telescopes

This is one of the novel features that distinguish this microscope from those made by Chevalier where the nosepiece is secured to the limb with a brass-headed steel pin.Like the similar model made by Chevalier, but using a different mechanism, the front part of the limb can be rotated out of the plane of the stage to allow easier changing of the objectives.Binoculars were first made about the time the telescope was invented, in the 17th century.The small, attractive binoculars called opera glasses are listed in their own category. ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=binoculars&lgeo=1&mpre= The nosepiece that holds the objective, prism, and tube can be removed from the body of the microscope via a bayonet joint that is activated by pressing a spring-loaded saddle-shaped knob on the limb.Removal of the nosepiece reveals a tapered shaft and two steel pins used to line up this part with the limb. Most impressive original 4th quarter 19th century British dockyard builder's model of a 4 masted barque identified as the "ORANASIA" on the maker's label.

The main deck and foc'sle are skirted by fine wooden deck combing.The bar that holds the mirror and stage is screwed into this limb with a blued steel screw.At the rear of the limb is a milled knob engaging a brass washer loosening this knob allows the limb to be freely rotated where it can then be tightened leaving the tube and stage at any desired angle.There is an empty rectangular compartment that might have contained a stage micrometer. In the 1883 edition of The Tech, the newspaper of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an advertisement appeared by Wm. 1890 (but probably pre-dating 1883), and described as a Bardou type is known to have been recently sold.The top tray of this draw can be removed relieving a storage space below, now empty. It is not certain exactly when the firm went out of business. bds 26 West Cedar and indicates an association with J.

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The stage measures 9 x 6.5 cm with a 40 mm center hole.

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